The Best Time to buy a Mattress: Know when to shop for a Mattress at a Great Deal

shop for the best mattress at that time

There are many reasons as to why you might need to buy a mattress, maybe your mattress has worn out or has already elapsed the better days, you are adding a bed to your household which will automatically come with the need of a new mattress, if you are having a friend who is moving in or maybe you have an urge to sleep better. Whichever reason that may have driven you for the upgrade, just like most other household items mattresses are not exactly cheap and this might be quite depressing especially for frugal customers who need to make big purchases in order to save more.

Most mattress stores may be expensive occasionally as they don’t want to let go a bit of it in favor of the customer and this calls for proper timing. Stores sell items at high prices during specific times of the year which at times precedes or concurs with new model introductions. If you need a new mattress rather than a cheap used substitute mattress, spend time determining what kind of a mattress you would like to buy and what you are prepared to spend on it. Mattresses don’t last forever so consider the quality and the durability.

The best times to buy a mattress include:

Major national holidays for example Memorial Day, Labor Day and presidents day- any budget shopper knows what this means as. During public holidays most stores and online shops may hold sales by offering good discounts before or after the actual observation dates and ending few afterwards. Amerisleep is a good example as it offers great discount for almost all their popular mattresses. Most stores record a higher periodic sale during holidays due to the high number of customers.

Overstock sales– this occurs mainly in autumn and spring when almost all retailers mark down older models by replenishing to make room for new stock. Mattress prices are negotiable and during these times you are likely to get it at a better deal. You will save more by offering less than the sticker price.

Incidence of inventory taking and restocking– it is commonly known as clearing sales. Most stores allow comprehensive inventory to their employees to take all the remaining stock of all available units during the end of the fiscal year. This might be your perfect time to buy as you might get a very expensive mattress at a cheap price.

New store openings– most new stores offer items at a lower price to their first shoppers as a way of advertising their goods. This may also apply if you need to shop for the best mattress at that time. Online shops that are new comers may have banner ads so keep an eye on them for an interestingly cheap opportunity.

End of the year– great deals, exorbitant sales and offers come at the end of the year due to the festive season in most outlets. Most retail owners choose to increase sales by lowering their prices. They may choose to clear their current mattress stock and replace them with new stocks in the upcoming New Year.

When you are shopping consider the quality of your mattress in terms of the comfort and support it will give you while you sleep, as they are products of personal preferences.

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